Rideout Hotline:   07989 086 865
15/12/2018 @ 19:00 – 16/12/2018 @ 01:00
Veteran's Garage, Barton Aerodrome
Liverpool Rd
Brian Mason

Following Chapter Meeting decision on 12th Nov., the Christmas Party this year will be held at:
The Veteran’s Garage, Barton/City Airport, Barton, Manchester, M30 7SA
This is a new approach from the Chapter in response to member’s feelings and thoughts on ‘Shindigs’, Christmas or otherwise. So, we’re having the Xmas party at The Veteran’s Garage, from 7pm onwards. It’s a total casual dress code night, with a free Hot/Cold Buffet. There will also be 100 Free Beers/Soft drinks to members, once they’ve gone, beers after the 100 will be charged at £2.00 a pint which must be one of the cheapest pint in the Northwest !! C’mon guys and gals; it’s chillin’; it’s informal; letting hair down time. Designated driver or taxi, have fun, have food and go home happy. You know it makes sense !