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The Mancunium Chapter Constitution



The purpose of the constitution is to give structure and consistency to the way the chapter is managed. Between the constitution and the Annual Charter for HOG chapters all members and particularly committee members should have a good understanding of the rules that apply to the running of the chapter.



a. Membership shall be available to all members of HOG.
b. Persons wishing to become members shall submit an application form to the Membership Officer together with the appropriate membership fee. The Chapter reserves the right to refuse membership.
c. The membership fee is renewable on 1st July every year. The annual fee shall be determined by the committee and a reduced fee shall apply to new members joining part way through the year.
d. Members shall in all cases be bound by the rules of the Chapter and the HOG Chapter Charter and in the case of any dispute accept the interpretation of the committee.
e. Members shall recognise that the Chapter ethos ‘ride and have fun’ is central to the wellbeing of the Chapter. The committee may terminate a person’s membership in the Chapter if the committee at their sole discretion determines that a member’s conduct is undesirable or contrary to the Chapter’s vision. Any members failing to adhere to this spirit may have their membership cancelled. A member’s cancellation shall be determined by the committee.
f. As from the July 2017 renewal date, members who are 70 years of age and over will pay 50% of the full subscription amount. Existing members who reached 70 years of age and over and had renewed their membership before July 2017 will continue to be eligible for free membership.


a. The purpose of the AGM is to elect members to the committee for the forthcoming year and to summarise the financial position of the chapter.
b. The AGM shall be held in January of each year. Notice of the meeting shall be given at the chapter meeting and on the chapter website at least six (6) weeks prior to the AGM.
c. All members attending the AGM shall be entitled to vote at the meeting.
d. Members shall be entitled to put their names forward for any committee position with the exception of Director and Assistant Director. Members wishing to be considered for either of these position must have previously served on the committee for a minimum period of one (1) year.
e. Voting for all positions shall take place at the AGM, such vote shall be organised by the committee. The votes will be counted and verified by a representative of the sponsoring dealership or another independent person.
f. In the event of one name being proposed for any position, the votes received shall be a minimum of 70% yes votes for the election to be successful. Failure for a single named position to achieve this percentage shall deem the position unfilled.
g. Where two or more members have put their names forward the member receiving the most yes votes shall be elected. If votes are tied the Chapter Director shall have the casting vote.
h. Unfilled positions may be filled by suitable candidates after the AGM having been voted in by a majority of the Chapter members at a subsequent chapter meeting.


a. The committee is responsible for the day to day running of the chapter under the leadership of the Director. The responsibility of each of the committee members is outlined in the HOG Chapter Charter.
b. The committee is responsible for developing the Chapter, attracting new members and providing activities and services to its members in line with the HOG Chapter Charter and the Chapter Constitution.
c. Committee meetings will be held monthly and minutes taken.
d. Meetings shall take place only if a minimum of 60% of committee members are in attendance.
e. Where a vote is called for at a meeting the majority will rule. In a position of equal votes being cast the decision will be determined by the Director.
f. Once a decision is made (either unanimous or majority) all committee members shall be expected to support it.
g. Committee members consistently failing to undertake their roles may have their position revoked after consideration by the director upon consultation with HOG UK.
h. Any member may attend committee meetings (one member only, unless agreed with the chapter director prior to the meeting).
I. Committee members shall be entitled to reclaim any reasonable expenses agreed by the committee and/or the Chapter Director.


a. Meetings shall be held each month. The purpose of the meetings is to allow the committee to update the members with the various activities that are going on in the chapter.
b. The meetings are also a vehicle for committee members to meet with, socialise and obtain feedback on chapter progress and events.
c. The meetings are the main way for members to socialise and every effort shall be made by the committee to ensure these meetings are as friendly and welcoming as possible.


a. At all times the Chapter shall maintain an independent bank account for the purpose of receipting monies due to the chapter and for making payments.
b. The committee may also agree for the Treasurer to hold a cash sum for low values transactions.
c. The cash sum balance is to be agreed by the committee from time to time.
d. The bank account balance must be a positive balance at all times. The account shall never be allowed to become overdrawn.
e. No member of the committee or chapter is authorised to obtain overdraft facilities for or on behalf of the Chapter.
f. The bank account cheque signatories will be any two (2) of the following officers:- Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, Dealer Principal and one (1) other committee member.
g. All cheques for payment from the bank account must be signed and countersigned by two (2) of the officers noted at ‘f’ above.


a. Amendment to the constitution requires the consent of the committee and approval by the HOG Manager.
b. Proposed changes shall be discussed with the Chapter Director and subsequently submitted to the secretary for inclusion at the next committee meeting.


No liability shall be entered into by the Chapter or the committee in respect of the goods or services offered by the Chapter.


Arthur Arrowsmith     DIRECTOR
Derek Hall                  SECRETARY


DATE    01/04/2018

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